Finding the Right Immigration Lawyer

Immigration laws are complex and confusing for the laymen, unless you are an immigration attorney you may find the paperwork confusing.  Finding the right immigration lawyer is crucial to getting your applications approved.  There are a lot of issues that can come up and endanger your application if you don’t provide the correct documents.

You need a good immigration lawyer on your side with the experience and know how to help you on your path to citizenship.  Choose a firm that has the resources to help you along with the experience.  Here are some of the things you should seek in an immigration attorney.

Don’t Look for a Bargain

This is your future on the line; you are not buying a car.  The field of law has both good attorneys and bad one and a lot that are in between.  Some attorneys have too many cases and won’t devote the proper time for yours.  There are other attorneys that simply don’t have the experience yet, you don’t want an attorney one day out of law school.  Choose the right attorney, that won’t necessarily be the cheapest.

Get a Referral from Friends

Do you have a network of family and friends that you can tap into, perhaps someone who has gone through the immigration process?  Ask them who handled their case and if the experience was good.  You can learn about someone’s firsthand experience with an attorney and it will give you a better idea if that is someone that you can work with.  You don’t need to like your attorney personally but you do need one that is really good at their job.

Check References

If you haven’t gotten a referral from a friend and you are relying on an internet search to find an attorney then you need to check references.  Some attorney may not let you speak with past clients because of confidentiality issues but you can at the very least check review sites to see if the firm has a good reputation or not.  You can check on Yelp or even Google itself to see what past clients have to say.

The Cost

The cost shouldn’t be the determining factor however it is important.  Many attorneys will bill you on an hourly basis, and the cost is higher when they have to appear in court.  Many attorneys will work with you on the fee structure you need only ask.  Talk frankly about the fees and what you can afford to see if you can work together.